December 12, 2014

A glass of mind!

A glass of mind!

Everyone's mind, and their decision will be based on the assumption of the records.

Tuyamaip can not be used for purification of the mind to know anything.
In front of the mirror than anything it thinks it knows what is the mind that made it to the register.

The mind is like a knife to cut her head to help others help cut mangoes katti atupe able to benefit from the manattin timai help.

Pollution on the long climb up a dirty mind is thick It should be pure.

We explain the roles of everyday explain pal, clothes and wash them on a daily basis is a situation where the dirt, cleaning the house and doing the daily mirror We do daily cleaning.

Likewise, we must keep our minds daily tuyamaip implemented.

It's like a demon monkey monkey mind idling may be that, like a skip.

Knowledgeable man tamed mind.

How still it is a mirror of the mind, the mind is still alaiyamal position to stop the train palakin kollaventumappati patiyamal pollution clean the dirt.

Live the way to suppress the mind's eye manattai circapai veru suggests ways to pay does not get peace of mind.

The location of the inner light of the soul is the nam circapai talaippakat below the top, in the middle of the inner nakkirkum melemulai karanak the meeting is in the middle.

Letting the mind wander, it was pulled out and keeps it off in the middle of the eyebrows, the mind wandering mind has lifted itself is involved in include the manattirkum soul.
It might sever the chains of the mind along with soul mattivit kollumappotu nature of the soul recovers grace, kindness, love, and grace to the character, and that character will change in religion, meditation, mind,

Alaiyamal mirrors the mind is always clean and neat, in macupatamal.

To us at all times of sorrow, grief, fear, fear, and death will be treated to occur.

Katirvel anmaneyan Erode.

November 05, 2014

Sheer What is morality?

Sheer What is morality?

Islam is a way! The truth of the matter is that, thanks to the promotion by any means, therefore, is that the religion is pure religion.

Religious morality of religion!

Religious morality and religious morality and religion, including the effects of internal anantamat 36atai religious morality and religion as the unfolding of six kotiyamitu 36, above the ema religions, aunt, aunt, etc. teka available.

Says the LORD of religious faiths, Murthy, Lord, piramam, Shivam, etc. On top of that, not because of the philosophies of the time there will be sworn unto.

Religions, religious, ideological compromise untuvetanta camaracamyokanta kalanta compromise, a compromise satanta highly, highly pure camaracamatal camaracamitarku expedition remained behind the highly compromised by the sheer canmarkkattaic canmarkkamam ivai purvottira niyappati kataitalaip boot to incorporate the sheer compromise, a compromise that pure religion that maruvina vallalperuman has been clear.

Pure morality!

Ananniyamana soul somehow like it sheer grace of the Almighty cittiyamcutta ananniya offspring offspring of the three .... satantankal potuvakiya satanta one religion ... the religion of compromise, pure morality .. one .. So three, ... So Cleaner three steps to morality,

Cleaner nanacapai

These three are the three steps will be.
The sheer experience of viscera cutta morality is known for stretching the Lord at all times disclose.

Sanmarkha possibility!

The sheer might of hand the possibility of one of the religion.
And it may just next to draw level and pass over all the undying marra all religions, religious, religious Sanmarkha lower steps and go to the club and therefore, there is no unity among them.

Nor can it be managed as mata canmarkkikal Thayumaanavar Mula sheer canmarkkikal kitaiyatuitu the eternal body nor the pros and therefore it is unlikely that the body is not eternal.

When morality is the sheer size of Predefined they will return to life than those with special knowledge will become sheer சன்மார்க்கத்திற்குக் uriyavarvakal, cattiyarkalay intermixed blender.

Canmarkkak sheer principle!

Aunt of the individual cells, the spiritual head of the lord almighty patiyakiya arutperun tapacu murtis of making a career in the creative yati received five கிருத்தியங்களையும் of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva of the profession, the stepmother of three ruttiranum, and others like it.

Tattuvacittik caused by three routes above karpanaikalakiya anustittu religious denominations, worship, worshiping them as lords have done, which is to the west of the souls of the atoms overlap lecankal piraptiyai kurittavarkalatu term credits, which means little silly for them to seize.

Therefore, the aunt of the Almighty God arutperunjoti trillion are in the lowest quality.

So the religious worship of gods or religion, it is not necessary to say that the vallalperuman firmly determined to lead.

Mentioned above, with a silly pass, which pleased akankarittu, things to climb mepati aunt pass complete to keep the choke standing, and were brought here unni canmarkkikal others, notwithstanding

Aunt of Almighty God, in that there is true love and worship him, and wants to get a perfect pass canmarkkak sheer principle.,,, Except tanittalaivan lasiyam tukkatikalaip mortal material inventory policy implementation is to worship upacanati markkamay

Upasana etc. kurittate Boss of the above, except that the sheer canmarkkikal valipatutalum need to know.

Mutipu Sanmarkha!

Mutipu undying devotion to the sheer level of education and who to send the expedition remained behind, but not in the other does not ... cakatavane canmarkki cakinravan.

Education undying!

Devar in the first chapter of Thirukkural, is telling about the undying knowledge that can be found throughout the existence of the author and maintain vallalperuman atait vallalperuman takka author is saying is that we need to understand what the author intended for vallalperuman.

Archive for the explanation lies in Mr Arutpa veru not have any books for knowledge that you need to know is the explanation.

Religion is the religion of all religions, it does not indicate that the compromise ullanamakkal Sanmarkha vallalperuman Truth Society is named.

Society for Truth and reconciliation Sanmarkha God create the natural real arutperunjoti grad.

Canmarkkap big morality morals!

We have four great purusarttam!

Learning cakakkalvi
Philosophical nikkirakam up
Getting ema cittip
God is aware of the situation ... enpavaikalakum ammayamatal.

Four disciplines to acquire them!

Sensuous Discipline
Discipline karana
Biology Discipline
Spiritual discipline ..

Four of these disciplines incessant worship olukkankalum Sanmarkha kataipitippavane sheer canmarkki is capable of.

Mercenary morals, moral life, that's what the title is clearly vallalperuman vallalperuman வைத்துள்ளார்.படித்து writing, listening, thinking, should telital.

All were in the front lines
Mannula is pure morality
Pannulam telintana raised patinatam
Ennulattu arutperun eytave cotiyar!

Panmarkkam the glue off the olintanave
Morality is the only talaittatuve conmarkkat
All the world icaintanave emperuman
Golla is the norm with grace.

Know what to morality and the principles adopted by the sheer grace over death cittip peruval dwell in bliss.

Regards anmaneyan katirvel Erode.

July 03, 2014

Suri! Moon! Spiritual art!

Suri! Moon! Spiritual art!

Normal humans (jivarkal) born to die on the lunar landscape of art!

Solar Art in Baku scorned born and die naturally!

Suri's difficult to get experience,

Daily Sun Art will focus on the mind!

The sun gives light to open eyes looked at himself in the art to breath. !

Not really experienced in the art of meditation cepavarkal sun to appear. !

Suri is to say, that the mind has to pay to worship the sun.

Art sun, moon art, on the right side of the nose, and breathing. Cuvacipatakum on the left side of the nose.!

Culumunai Art (SOUL) on top of the air through respiration!

These itaikalai. Ping, is culumunai!

Do not stop, do not suppress muccai. They become our own way of doing good!

For those who have filled in the form of ruthless discipline nostrils the breath going in the top of the whole body to go through the Nectar air soul. Culumunai air that is!

Philanthropist Lord breathed, culumunai Nectar of air to go through!

Death will come to those who breathe the air Nectar!

Our vallalperuman only one winner of death!

We can live through the death of pure religion, we have shown vallalperuman win!

Anmaneyan Katirvēl Erode.

March 14, 2014

Mercy !

Mercy !

The man possesses the highest knowledge , the knowledge of the truth .. even if it is given by God to man .

After the creation of animal -human birth is the availability of human and animal kunamutaiyavan , he brings his knowledge to the benefit of using the mind . Disenchanted soul in search of the world 's most alaivatakum .. manammattum beast works . They unnutarkum , urankutarkum knows , knowledge avaikalukkut not clear .

The man who lived like animals to survive is to bring in the arbitrarily . Suffering of man , fear , fear , when it comes , he goes , looking for something, something , he comes to overcoming the shortcomings , the money .. There are a lot of pickers .

Create a system in order to suppress their own mind , devotion , prayer , penance , meditation , yoga , teaching skills , they are fake .

If the mind does atankuma , so if anyone who can profit organizations , it is the only means of preaching the profits are piling up .

With people who are willing to believe that the fact that too without knowing valiturai .

Can control the mind does not mind at all times . Wave to suppress the flow of the mind , the mind has to change , how to change ? Without the suffering of living beings in this world karunyam of the grace of life , seeking the good graces of the mind only . Mind when seeking the good , knowledge, looking depressed . Arivaittetum , the heart functions as a knowledge partner . 'd Accrued participating public , will be contained arivukkul mind .

Mind, seeking truth from falling into the mix with its detailed knowledge of the truth . Truth known to man , sorrow , sadness , fear , fear, pain , and his manattaiyo ! Utampaiyo ! Ullattaiyo 1 uyiraiyo ! Affect

Enpavanakum arintavane mind of man . Man to enter into the high- level people in the world that can go only by the grace of our vallalperuman arulvallal arutpirakacar them is clear .

Karunyam paid to the life of devotion , prayer , penance , meditation , yoga , etc. are all senseless and empty Maya jalankalakum demonstrated that stress .

Pity about the world comes alive
Why , in the case of mind over the last
Was applied from the postulate of veruvi
Appealed today
It is the living embodiment of my life irakkantan
Onrate both compassion
A person in my life and my heart,
One, from the terms of the order!

Says . Our vallalperuman . Heartily mine , lives in a world of kindness and not for anything else, I did not go in my mind . My life is higher sympathy , compassion , if not .. I will leave my life , says .

Pity the man born alive karunyam life is very important for everyone .

Jivakarunyame jivarkal worship , which says that knowledge .

Mind and go on living and suffering that compassion is the most important tool to communicate knowledge anupavikkamal suppressed minds .

Anmaneyan ; - Erode Katirvēl

March 01, 2014

National Science tinavila !

National Science tinavila !

28 - 2 - 2014 , National Science tinavila schools around the world , held at colleges .

Kandy is one hundred percent scientific discovery today occupies 99 percent is still a lot we do not know the secrets of the world are concentrated .

The world 's ,மண்,நீர்,அக்கினி,காற்று,ஆகாயம்,என்னும் Aimputa forces around out there . Cells of the performance level does . This world . Atoms eluvitam are . The seven mine are . Seven atoms together by mixing various colors , various figures , various things made ​​have been . Their energy, its functions easily find impossible to .

Live !

Eluvitam sky giant cells in the seven figures , there are seven colors in the eyes with running backs .

They are : - valanu , .. liquid nuclear , ... kuruanu , ... lakuanu , nuclear , ... atom , ... vipuanu , .. there are seven kinds of atoms Anantha color prejudice . 's Holding that the Live View .

The cells with the soul of a light mix bio appearance of the light build is , that life in the body of the house , the eluvita enough cells the tumor is given. The vowel life with that name . These plant first , urvan , parappana , natappana , deva , asura , human eluvitamana to create living creatures made ​​in the world are living .

The life of the man who created it, high intelligence , high energy -rich motif . Pataittavanakum knowledge of the human world to find clues .

Keep yourself surrounded by seven types of cells that can detect any Live fully revealed to the people of this world .

All of you are thinking that the man ataikinravan death , regardless of their nature, in so far as we are hoping for .

But death is not natural Live ! They ceyarkaiyakum . Has rediscovered that . '' '' Tappale community that dared death , death can be overcome by the fact that man , in scientific terms , is scientifically found over death .

Additionally, the wonder of the world , the world of scientific discovery is nothing more than this . The fact that the world can learn the secrets of man venraltan death of the world 's population is living indicator .

If you find that the average person will go extinct in science for some time , others will be destroyed .

Pitippatutan forth by maintaining that he did not destroy the science . Pitittavartan found that vallalarakum our arutpirakaca .

The facts showed that he lived , where he has written to Mr Arutpa '' '' nula through the grace to learn to read .

Live crystal clear all the secrets written in Tamil . Yet our scientific experts in Tamil Nadu , nuclear ஆராய்சியாளர்களும் , political வல்லுனர்களும்,அறிவுபடைத்தவர்களும்,கண்டு That is not painful .

Live From now onwards that our scientific genius who appeared in Tamil Nadu that people need to understand the urge to work .

Anmaneyan ; - Katirvēl Erode .

February 21, 2014

Lifestyle !

Lifestyle !

There are two types of lifestyles .

Material Life , the life of grace ! .... Items .... blessings of life with the life of this world and all worlds of life , antankalilum , go to the places where God is eternal life means living without death .

Man how to live in this world , religions , and religions . Created so வேதம்,ஆகமம்,புராணம்,இதிகாசம்.சாத்திரங்கள் All teach .

This is the only world religion will triumph over death, Mr arutpirakaca Live arulaipperru are saying . Avarkattiya new markkamtan great way to get the blessings of '' reconciliation '' pure religion of Truth Society .

The man possesses superior knowledge , he will have to go higher than a place , the human body has been given by God . Understanding of man in this world who understand that animals are living a life that follows .

The man of the highest knowledge , the meaning of life and death to beat the great blessings of life is bliss , blissful life of gods , knowing ammayamatale .

Unlike other saints , he said, philanthropist Lord of our lives in the guide . Avarkattiya great religion the religion of grace . Avarkattiya path to live a human life .

Jivarkal avarkattiya sensible path , avarkattiya arulaipperru blissful life in religion live together ..

Avarkattiya are subject to the requirement. Guru does not need preaching , devotion , worship , such as yoga , meditation , penance , etc. .. There is no requirement for external actions

Lives milk . Loving, kind , compassionate and benevolent properties , antavaritat constant knowledge of the nature, ought to love .. this relentless observes , our soul , which are hidden in , ignorant of the windows removed from the soul the grace secreted . Enlightenment was the fact that the spirit is .
If you find that the substance of our highly original way . The true path . Vallalperuman , single peruneri '' pure religion , grace, morality , public morality , tanineri , the new norm , says .

True religion is entirely legitimate and follow the steps to live a human life arulaipperum . , Live , live show .

Your anmaneyan ; - Katirvēl Erode .

January 31, 2014

Pure religion, tradition !

Pure religion, tradition !

Ulakattinitatte locally , and we know we have friends who are very arumaiyakiya club to be human means to be in accordance . ; -

Biomass of all cosmic worlds , theories , energy Sattar , artistic conventions , act as well , may also be desired , some trace 's, experience as well , benefits , and everything else ,

Their tiruvarut meet in; - creation , valvittal , crime nikkuvittal , mature derivatives , vilakkan having the aintolilkal etc. macronucleus jobs Compose vikkinravar and the man , and one non , Pan karunyar and All- vallapar and everything utaiyaray their oruvarranum agreed increases are not unique Supreme God !

Arutperun jotiyar '' '' and the known fact that the knowledge of truth .. God ! Agam Puram , etc. etc. The purity of nikkaminri evvitattum { arutperuveli } knows the complete public aware of the colors is a ellamaki . Revealed to the world the truth ... Mr arutpirakaca vallalperuman them to the best of our tayinum .

Manitappirappu !

Lord God of Truth torch .. arutperun human jivarkalakiya we know , love , and grace which they had sworn eternal Wisdom Massage cukapurana peruvalvakiya Pranava with '' pure '' Death Wish peruvalvakiya live several times by various myths , different religions , different markkankalilum various lasiyankalaik prolonged born with birth , death, dying , rush rush to phase out various apattukalin Abstract vacattarkalaki pent die die in tragedy , vinpoyinom , vinpokinrom .

We are therefore no longer jivarkalakiya vinpokamal true knowledge , true love , true compassion, etc. , get cupakunankalai narceykai possession , of all religions and faiths to account , markkan account and actually become the norm

Great aunt abundant happiness in the Creed with sheer bliss , and were very fun to live ... with the above tiruvulan true God Himself , the sheer fact lasiyamakiya vilakkan that `s the key ..

A nanacapaiyai , cittivalakam iccanni donation of Wisdom Chidambaram next order , or the wisdom that cittipuram tagged Vadalur Parvati in the north , by the consent of their tiruvarut iyarruvittu .. , '' the possibility to set the starting amount of credits indicated prolonged amazing miracle given by sitting on yame arulkinrom " ' .. the the best of the great mercy of God, our karunaiyan here tirukkurippai tayinum awesome father . arutperunjoti expressed in the Lord ....

Our arutpirakaca Live presence of many varralum piracittippata expressed arutperunjoti coruparay apperun grace vallalaratu physical , material , spirits and porcapai , circapai piravecan ceyvittaruli , find his body he kanivura mix inspired of Almighty paranoia tirukkolam blessed with dominion tirumuti depending on the grace of the sport and arulkinrom that Mr hint Reveal Why .

Discipline nankuvakai !

Human jivarkalakiya we receive the grace of God , God's creation of the single degree of faith neriyaiyakiya '' pure '' it is necessary to be able to observe the four disciplines . Those virtues , morals .. sensuous , ... karana discipline , discipline ... of life , spiritual discipline .. , enpavaikalakum , read on to know about them tiruvarutpa .

Pure religion, tradition !

What is the legacy of pure religion ? Live recorded how much stress ..

Shivam same undying education education
Knowledge known tanena
Sufficient knowledge of the five winning shit vallapame
Absolute Unique vallapam
With kalati find any unbaked
Work resulted in the growth
Innankaiyum combines real tolitalakum
All the world wondered reached
Makatal cittaki mass relationship can elam
Rainbow varame inpamam
This legacy of soil you have pure faith
Have said that Guru
I have three grace tekati tarumun enait
Revealed comfort civame
One God in circapai natuninra
Natarajapatiye Goddess !

Vallalperuman the song through sheer faith of the people is clear what 's legacy ,

Undying education is to learn . '
God ! He is not knowing how to know arutperun jotiyar . Actual knowledge !
Arrogance , vanity , kanmam , uncle , vanity name ,
Vallabhbhai getting wins for the stools !
Great job to the Lord over death aintol the ability of the industry to gain the best . !

Realization of the above four , get off at the world with kindness and compassion ஜீவராசிகளிடத்தும் , aunt antavaritat the full realization of the omnipotence of love ( even death can not destroy records } inpamam . ! Perinpamam it !

I mean .... cakakkalvi , .. knowledge of the truth , ... shit vallapam five wins , ... meyttol and great aunt .... perinpam beaming . They obtain pure religion, tradition.

'' Pure '' This is the legacy of faith that teaches people got to live Live .

Death !

The purpose of the death of God , had reached manitappirappu not be taking birth again , getting human birth only by the grace of God , God's law is united with God over death .

We were thinking that a natural death , that death is not natural ! What we do is wrong ceykaiyaltan death records of vallalperuman Arutpa .

Chavez dared tappale community
I avoided Nanak tamula catalai
Accountants always got existence
Entoli vali gather with Me
Pure religion which tuppale
Are you convinced that the road to read what the torch
Ateti ball go Away
View ateti ball arutperun torch .

That explanation is provided . '' Traditional '' pure religion is the true God of love found and love , have mercy triumphs death cult religion is pure religion .

Cavatenrum pirappatenrum carrukinra consider itself a major sin
On the same day , today ascribed alike to the disease and removing the ulat
And d is the manritai performance ninnale iraivarale
If nothing happens by the small avatenne alas !

Vices , such as being born die of the disease , the appearance of the world in which humans have been ongoing since . Arutperunjoti eliminating the disease, the Lord God, that you can not learn any other muyume , religion, tradition , through sheer clarifies .

Perupatecam !

As far as all of you have been here longer vinkalam not be later .

Be nice hearing from all of you . How we got our state , namakkumel was inquiring as to how we should be operating on the level of divinity .

If the investigation is to keep our spiritual knowledge Anantha context screens are pushing the green screen and became the first collapse . , It leaves out the other windows will disappear more quickly . If that's how you got painted dark green foliage is the first varnamana .

You would have such a strong screen tottirittum , our experience more than you ever imagined deity , is determined enough , enough sleep , constant , the internal vicarattotum , the Lord of all that we have to really want to know if it can find .

Pensive !

Is pensive , art , Awesome , is both . These Param ... heavenly pensive , aparam ikale pensive look . Ikale in both heavenly and anxiety .. vicarame vicaramakum vicaramalla . Trial levels . Removing algae in water is like . Vottamal know our soul is with the lid can be removed usnat Green became the most irakatikalai investigation . You can not delete other usnat .

The heat Yogi 's experience and know . It human tiered untupannuvatarku know . Those vicarattaivita the Lord, praise worthy ceykinratilum god நினைக்கின்றதிலும் , Cody Cody stock , pattukkoti times more heat produced , yogis forest , mountain , cave , etc. visit places hundred , thousand , etc. Years penance exposed are we are doing that they do not need vallalperuman . This tradition .. pure religion .

We need only observe !

We , ourselves .. So far , looking , listening , lasiyam with putting the Bible , Genesis , myth , mythology , such as the arts, either lasiyam Do not place . Why then their least one explicitly teyavattai Thus , the teyavat 's 's really making some purankaviyai telling mannaippottu have concealed .

Lasnattai block were made ​​to measure the atom in the universe . Households ; - kailayapati vaikuntapati the truth and that lokatipati , name , location, vehicle, weapon .... ... Shape ... etc. in the form of a man lay amaippatupe are saying to be true .

Teyavattirku hand, etc. .. Call ... well, what?

Hiding the fact that puttiyavan a master says ... he locked the lock and one blindfold . Yet so am locked locker break with no . , I 've broken so that tells Live / now you anything, do not be afraid . Creed , religion either lasiyam do not put it like that. If you put in the real lasiyam lasiyam antavaritat leave .

If you are going to achieve real antavaritat go after the lasiyam leave great spiritual profit . Triumph over death and the disappearance of the main profit .

As well as vegetarian Vaishnavism , etc. times , Vedanta , ideology , etc. religions lasiyam Do not place . , Why not ; - we lived there , and they all casi I am . I first vegetarian during lasiyam are put there so much so that the amount can not say .

Everyone knows about it, friends . Lasiyam how has that . ? Did you ? So lasiyam keep showing witness another need . 'm Singing is tiruarutpa contained in the existing song, others have sung the song of the assembly should bring their own witness says . Why so much stress I was beyond then , then I 'll be a little silly wisdom says Live .

His knowledge is not silly , because people say that people need to know . Vallalarai that the culprit is none other than the lyrics written camayamata histories did not need to know that .

Now all the things the Lord has laid out for me now nilaimel erata vittatin the profits it , so you have to leave the kalan you like me to get big profits . Ever letting it get to keep the profits, if any , did those ? Did not get any .

I like that at the time of possession lasiyame this position onto the feeble , the lasiyam throw did not give up . Myself in this place had been thrown in reality . ; - In those days I have to report that expressed the truth and the application , '' ettevaraiyum needed cayaiyay seen yanri portico other enniyatunto '' said , '' '' the fact tiruuru totakkamutiya patikattilum tetiyatuntu needed . tirukkinren application .

And the Lord said, '' What kind of discipline peruneri civamum really meant was that '' as a visual clue left me nilaimicai era . 's Household , please karunaitan of pure religion, tradition, '' '' me onto people who clearly subscribes to our valalperuman .
Spiritual integrity !

Varaventuman us to become the singular . Come to if the singular . Eralam to avert large nilaimel . Has now passed beyond my knowledge of the universe of universes . Orumaiyinale that came with it . Singular Be like me and you .

The singular that all uyirakalilum God is . Realized that all his life he die counted in. accept the utaiyavarkalaki all persons directing spirit { inner light } God thinks Platonic single song with the right to live in human behavior that the stress is . Therefore any life at any cost , turns to murder . Whose do not eat flesh . whether it is the stress .

All life is a temple of the living God !

How they die evvuyirum uratu Baden counted in.
He who does not accept the utaiyavaray uvakkinrar ulantan Cleaner
I heard that as citturuvay emperuman natam Employed
I sought to understand the mind of the master of his atikkeval talo !

Evvuyirum usually found compassion for those who upakarikkinrar
So here I learn what act of grace tan cevviyar
Ila kavvai make merry tamakkeval tiruneri attiruvalar
He is very smooth in my mouth urvatalo otita South ovviya comment !

If they die at the same compassion and wisdom vativaku evvuyirum
Street Cleaner Shiva religion, morality and justice in Peru stood defaults
Sargunam of his mouth punniyar porulneri the pukanra
That the words of the Bible aruneri atimutice Room
Varalo !

Paraparan the joy of the Lord arutperunjoti tuned with the actual location , the sheer grace of perfection attained enlightenment Pranava club , winning over death , in aintol Vallabhbhai with God , we will be conducting aintolilai tiruarut fluorescent vallalperumanai death wish ... Winning the pure religion, tradition , worship

Principles of pure religion, tradition !

God ! Arutperunjoti Lord himself !
Do small acts of God . !
Do sacrificial gods name . !
Caste , creed , religion , etc. Do the differences !
Evvuyiraiyum die in their right to observe the counting of the Platonic single song . !
Moksha is the key of the house of the poor, hungry tavirttalakiya karunyame life !
Karunyame life and worship God !
Legends , epics , cattirankalaiyum do not believe !
Do not burn the dead to be buried !
Karumati , tithi , etc. Do not rite !
If the husband dies, the wife Tali , do not buy !
If the husband dies, the wife not to marry someone else !
To undertake a general purpose !

For additional questions, please contact . Everyone goodbye.

Tell Erode , Katirvēl .
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